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The Story


The Cloud Factory is a fantasy adventure comic that takes place in a magic-infused world in the midst of an industrial age. Though coal and steam power are commonplace, the people of this world are equally dependent on energy sources and devices harvested from the scattered ruins of an ancient civilization. These discoveries have been a boon to mankind.

But, as the old adage goes, some secrets are best left undisturbed.

One hundred years before the story takes place, one such ruin springs to life and covers the valley nation of Rivervale with clouds, dramatically altering the landscape with catastrophic floods and incessant rain. The comic follows two young protagonists, a tinkersmith and a latent witch, as they struggle to solve the mystery of the Cloud Factory and protect the people they love.

The Cloud Factory is an idea I've been sitting on for years, barely more than a basic premise I hung on to for the day I'd have the freedom and support to write and illustrate my own stories. The origin isn't a unique one; there are a few factories on the river just south of Indianapolis, which I used to drive past on my way downtown from my old home in Greenwood. Smokestacks always look like they're making clouds, but on overcast days when the clouds hung particularly low, it really looked as though they were coming from the factories themselves.

That thought grew into the idea for a short children's book, which grew into the idea for a small graphic novel, which grew into the idea of a longform webcomic--hopefully the first of many.

Main Characters

Molly flourish

Molly Millbrooke

After leaving the valley 10 years ago, Molly makes a sudden and mysterious return! Her parents have stayed in Delta city to run their arcane apothecary, and rumor has it Molly has a knack for magic as well.

Theo flourish

Théophil Laforge

Théo is handy with a hammer and anvil, but prefers the more delicate tools of a tinker. He and Molly were close as children, and her return throws a wrench in his quiet and complacent valley lifestyle.

Other Characters

Penrose flourish

Penrose Na'Melorra

Pen has a good head for numbers and helps her family with the business side of their shop. She has a long-standing rivalry with Théo.

William flourish

William Na'Melorra

The Na’Melorras are clothiers by trade, the knack for which William inherited the lion’s share. His designs cater to the fashion-starved and frugal citizens of Lakeside.

Rufus flourish

Rufus Laforge

In spite of his valley home’s bleak and gloomy atmos-phere, Théo's father is about as cheerful and good natured as he is barrel chested and broad shouldered.

Dame Bellefleur flourish

Dame Bellefleur

Dame Bellefleur is the older sister of Molly’s mother, and a dear friend of Rufus. Like all Bellefleurs, the Dame has a natural talent for magic.

About the Artist

Alexandra Douglass

Alexandra (Lexxy) Douglass is a level 28 fantasy and sci-fi illustrator who has spent the past four years creating artwork for a variety of games and publications. She has dreamed of cross-classing into comics since her high school days; a dream that is finally coming to fruition thanks to the power of FRIENDSHIP (and the internet).

Lexxy likes to watch anime and play video games in her spare time, and lives wherever someone will tolerate her mess.